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Jonae Bond is a creative professional from Toronto, Canada, with a diverse skill set that includes brand design, photography, videography, website design, and marketing. Jonae's academic journey began at Xavier University of Louisiana (XULA), where she graduated with Honors with a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication. This pursuit of excellence continued with a Master's degree in Digital Marketing.

In late 2021, Jonae realized the potential of combining her skills in branding, marketing, and visual storytelling, leading to the creation of Truly Elevated Agency Inc in 2022. This venture represents a culmination of self-taught expertise and a commitment to offering a comprehensive suite of branding and marketing services. Truly Elevated Agency Inc has collaborated with various small businesses and corporate entities worldwide, driving their branding and marketing efforts forward.

Truly Elevated Agency Inc offers a centralized solution for visionary business owners and entrepreneurs, providing a range of services designed to simplify the branding and marketing process. At the core of Truly Elevated Agency Inc's mission is a dedication to helping businesses establish profound, memorable brands through unique strategies, compelling imagery, and effective marketing executions.

How it All Started






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